Development of an environmentally sustainable system for the flameproofing of Jacquard fabrics for Contract.

TEJIDOS CAVITEX S.L in collaboration with AITEX, have developed a sustainable environment system, which reduces water and energy consumption and enables us to use not harmful chemical products for the environment.

Vicente Soriano, General Manager of Tejidos Cavitex, S.L.

TEJIDOS CAVITEX, S.L. is a Jacquard fabric manufacturing and commercializing company for Textile and Home. A wide range of products need a flame retardant feature so this is why we considered developing a sustainable environment fireproof system. We are proud of the results obtained from the ECOFIRETEX project. We have been able to improve the traditional fireproof system. That enables us to consider the inclusion of the developed system on the industrial level in order to make the flame retardant process in our facilities.

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